Elf Farm Raffle


Elf Farm Raffle

Rocked the San Francisco Bay Area and (slightly) beyond playing venues such as Slim’s, Great American Music Hall, Cafe Du Nord, Red Devil Lounge, etc.

The Band

So Much For The Echoes Promo Shoot – 2002


photo credit: Jennifer Michelson

SF Promo Shoot – 2008


Brandon Vigil – vocals
Brandon Harper – drums
Chris Dana – guitar
Dylan Brown – acoustic guitar (2008-2009)
Jason Terrel – acoustic guitar (2001-2008)
Jeff Terrel – bass guitar
Matthew Vincent – percussion

Live at Slims – Jan 21 2005


Great America Music Hall Marquee – Jun 17 2005


Final Show Poster – Aug 21 2009


So Much For the Echoes…

The first album. Released on CD! With shrink-wrap and a spine sticker and everything! CD! Seriously they were a thing…

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The Desperate Mile

The second album. Never did get that massive choir added on the last track but maybe someday will pop up on the special edition…

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Last Leg of Sun

The “rogue” album. Released post-mortem with a new take on production and with Dylan taking over on acoustic guitar.

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Studio Outtakes

Recorded in the studio, never released.  Just rough mixes – no overdubs or drop-ins, etc.

Anything, Anything (Dramarama)

Here’s a raw outtake from the November 2006 recording sessions at Different Fur in San Francisco for The Desperate Mile album. We had a bit of extra time booked after we got the album tracks out of the way and decided to do a quick take of some songs we loved to play.